Pastel Studio opened in April 2010, specializing in fine art pastels and paper. As our name implies, our sample studio provides artists an opportunity to try different pastels and surfaces.

We believe in a try before you buy philosophy.

Our goal is to source and offer fine art materials that meet the demands of both the serious artist and others who wish to fulfill their creative impulses. Although we do specialize in the pastel medium, our dealing with printmakers and painters has enabled us to provide supplies to meet the requirements of artists working in other media.

In addition to being the first and only shop in Canada to offer Pastels Henri Roche and Diane Townsend Artists’ Pastels, we demonstrated our willingness to bring in products like PastelMat, Spectrafix and printmaking supplies that were either not available or hard to find in Canada.

Pastel Studio does not compete solely on price, but we are committed to competitive pricing where at all possible. Recent changes in the Canadian dollar and new relationships with suppliers like Unison Colours and Kitty Wallis has helped us in our efforts to maintain competitive pricing with our American counterparts on pastel related products. After reviewing our pricing which currently INCLUDES SALES TAX you will find that we are often less expensive, and shipping directly within Canada means no border, Duty or Tax implications. Pastel Studio always welcomes inquiries or questions. Our News Feed will provide us with the ability to announce sales, promote special events and provide information. We encourage our customers to forward their comments.