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Terry Ludwig Pastels (Discontinued) Remaining sets are listed below.

Terry Ludwig began experimenting with formulas for making his own pastels in 1995. The goal was to create a vast array of color in pastels that were uniformly soft across all densities of hue.

This has resulted in the creation of over 500 intense colors, in a unique square pastel. Crafting each pastel with a broad range of pigments by hand with minimal natural binders renders concentrated, velvety pastels. The square shape delivers thick, broad strokes and thin, precise lines where necessary.

Terry Ludwig Pastels are approximately 1 1/2″ x 1/2″ x 1/2″
Each pastel is hand crafted, size and shape may vary slightly.

Origin: USA / 515 Colours
We are no longer able to ship Open Stock Selections, they are Available Only In Store.
Individual Pastels List $4.95 ea  Sale: $ 4.60 each

Terry Ludwig Pastel Sets

TLSUN14       14 Sunset Colors______ $ 62.30   reg $ 73.80

TLMRV14     14 Violets                            $ 62.30   reg $ 73.80

TLDKII30     30 Intense Darks II____      $132.00   reg $153.75 Soldout

As of June 1, 2012, Open Stock of Terry Ludwig Pastels will only be available for ordering from Terry Ludwig directly.
**Prices are subject to change without notice.




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