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Since it was founded in 1720, “La Maison du Pastel” has been producing high quality pastels, with a soft and powdery texture, and colours of an exceptional intensity. The Henri Roché Pastels have been hand crafted for the past 10 years by Isabelle Roché. Working in the same workshop with original equipment and materials the previous 3 generations of Roché pastel makers used to create the world’s most exclusive pastel. Henri Roché Pastels can count among its clients some of the world’s most renowned artists. Degas, Chéret, Whistler, Sisley, and later on Bussy, Vuillard, Poliakoff. Today, contemporary artists can experience the qualities that attracted previous generations of exceptional artists.

- colours of an exceptional intensity and luminosity
- light resistant pigments
- an excellent adhesive quality to numerous supports
- a great surface coverage ability
- a unique texture

Origin: France. Colours: 715
Open Stock
Individual Pastels $ 18.25 each      reg $22.75

Colour Range & Style Sets

The 4 Elements (Wood Boxed sets of 5)

HREARTH5         Earth Colours         $ 112.50       reg $132.00
HRAIR5           Air Colours           $ 112.50       reg $132.00
HRFIRE5          Fire Colours          $ 112.50       reg $132.00
HRWATER5         Water Colours         $ 112.50       reg $132.00

12 Piece Selections

HRVPAL12         Pale Colours          $ 215.00       reg $256.20
HRPLA12          Plein Air Landscape   $ 215.00       reg $256.20
HRRICH12         Rich Colours          $ 215.00       reg $256.20

72 Piece Selections ( Includes Roché Wood Box )

HRLND72          Landscape             $1,515.00      reg $1855.00
HRPOR12          Portrait              $1,515.00      reg $1855.00

12 Piece Petits Roché Selections

HRVIV12          Vivid Colours         $ 115.00       reg $136.25
HREARTH12        Earth Colours         $ 115.00       reg $136.25
HRB&V12          Blues & Violets       $ 115.00       reg $136.25
HRDISC12         Discovery Set         $ 115.00       reg $136.25
HR36PR           36pc Gift Box Set     $ 395.00
**Prices are subject to change without notice.

« I’ve been using Roché pastels for over 20 years.
They are impossible to compare with any other brand of pastels out there,
in terms of the intensity of their pigments, the quality of the workmanship
behind them and the infinite range of colors available. They’re neither
too soft, nor too hard. They don’t break, they don’t get crushed while being
used and what they leave on paper is astounding. I would add that their price,
which seems prohibitive at first, is justified with use, once you see their quality.
If one day Roché pastels stopped production,
I would most definitely abandon my work as a pastellist. » – Evelyne Cail




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